05 Jan, 2020

2019: A Year In Review

Work Together
05 Jan, 2020

We want to share our appreciation for all of the wonderful support BOHO & HOBO received throughout 2019 in our mission to make progress towards a more sustainable future. Together, we are ‘Agents For Change’.

Your interests, efforts and contributions to local climate change events, policy advocacy, and personal lifestyle choices are beneficial and admirable. We are on this journey together, and we know 2020 will be filled with even more momentum as we move forward with future initiatives dedicated towards environmental preservation, protection and progress.

Local Advocacy

We joined many passionate citizens in the Kingston and surrounding communities for numerous Climate Action Strikes and Future For Friday Rallies throughout the year. We have helped raise the vibration and will continue to show up and bring accountability to the Kingston constituents. 

BOHO & HOBO signed and shared numerous petitions geared around sustainability and the reduction of single-use plastics. We hope to irradiate change at the government and industry levels and will continue to be a voice.


BOHO & HOBO partnered with Pitch-In Canada this summer to help boost community clean up initiatives for cities across Canada. We had a team of locals join the BOHO & HOBO crew in Kingston for a mass garbage pick up. We also worked closely with Sustainable Kingston to help support their amazing community events.

Further, we participated in Queen’s University Sustainability Week September 27 – October 3rd and were a part of the judging panel for the Society of Conservation Dumpster Art Contest.

BOHO & HOBO’s Managing Partner, Yara Chard, was as a guest speaker at the ‘Use Your Brain To Change Your Foot Print Conference”, she presented to Queen’s University students on the topic of ‘Zero Waste Living’, and educated elementary school children on how small actions can make a difference through various Eco Club initiatives.

BOHO & HOBO attended the Kingston Chamber of Commerce Chairs Gala after receiving a nomination for ‘Best New Business Of The Year’.

Thank you for the recognition and support.

Things To Celebrate

Bamboo Toothbrushes

BOHO & HOBO environmentally-friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes are making their way into dental offices across Canada. If you know of an office that you think should make the switch to a more sustainable option, please pass our contact info on. We would love to see plastic toothbrushes out of circulation.

We have had an increase in retail partners carrying BOHO & HOBO products in the their stores, making our environmentally conscious products more accessible to people in select areas. We are always looking for new shops that might be inline with our values. Again, please pass our info along to shops that might be of interest in your areas. View the BOHO & HOBO retailers page.

Donations / Initiatives

We believe in giving back as much as possible to support our community at large. Over the course of 2019 BOHO & HOBO donated approximately $3000 of in-kind donations to not-for-profit groups, and supported prize donations for sustainability initiatives through contests and giveaways. We value the collective energy and work of everyone trying to make our world a more beautiful and equitable place. 


We have been fortunate to receive some wonderful press throughout 2019 in magazines, radio and television. We appreciate the support of the media in helping to spread the word about our company.

Wander Travel Magazine – Conscious Packing with BOHO & HOBO

Ignite Travel Magazine – Green On The Go with BOHO & HOBO


CBC Spotlight on Single Use Plastics 


Global Morning Show



2020 Goals

We hope that you will join us on our journey to help reduce single use plastics and disposable items. If you like our products and what we are up to as ‘Agents For Change’, please share our social media channels with friends and family, help us grow by spreading the word about our products and help bring them to a retailer in your area. We love reading reviews from happy customers and sharing your posts with tags of our products in use, so please keep posting.

We will continue to be involved in climate action initiates in the Kingston and surrounding area, and inform you when great events are happening. We are always looking for new and innovative products to bring to our devoted customers through our research and product testing. We will continue to educate ourselves and others in ways in which we can help combat our sustainability goals for the upcoming year.

We will also continue to uphold our ‘Sustainability Practices’ within our own operating structure.

Best wishes for a green 2020. To shop our products online visit our Eco-Shop.

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