A Christmas Without Wrapping Paper?

I never thought I would want to replace all that colourful glittery shimmering wrapping paper that looks so pretty under our tree. But, as I have evolved as a conscious consumer, not only have my purchasing decisions been swayed by environmental  impacts, but product packaging has been a determining factor in my buying decisions as well.

Now when I see all those beautiful rolls of gift wrap, I can’t help but think of the post festivity garbage bags bursting with landfill waste which will remain on our earth well beyond the moments of joy that it gave in the process of unwrapping.

I decided it was time that I started creating ways to reduce my carbon footprint in our home one product and one decision at a time. I purchased a whack of holiday themed 100% cotton fabric from my local fabric store ( hands up for shopping local too ), and cut various sizes with crimping sheers to create an edge that wouldn’t fray. 

Taking my mission to be able to reuse everything from packaging my holiday gifts one step further, I decided to use twine as my ribbon which would be interchangeable with other wraps I decide to use throughout the year. The tags were a no brainer, and I enlisted my keen daughter to help paint recycled cardboard stars a nice gold colour. The tags can be repainted and used again next year, along with the wrap and twine.

The first question that comes to mind for most people when I discuss my new found passion for reusable gift wrap is “How do you wrap fabric without using tape?” After a few attempts I figured out the trick is to simply ensure enough fabric on the ends to create a secure fold before bringing the twine ends up and over for a tight tie.  Simply lay your twine beneath the fabric before you start wrapping, make your fold and carry the twine up, twist once and run it back around and tie a bow.

You can do it. If you have been conscious about the wastefulness of the holiday season and disposable wrapping paper, you can easily make the switch. Visit our online boutique for a starter package and see if it’s for you.

Hobo Holiday Wrapping Gift Pack