BOHO & HOBO Featured On Chatelaine

Travel Bamboo Cutlery Sets Canada

On June 4th Rachel Chen wrote a great post for Chatelaine Magazine titled ‘A Green Alternative To Kitchen Wrap, And 9 Other Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste’.

We were featured on the list at #10. Bring your own cutlery set.

” While you can always just bring a fork from home, bamboo cutlery is lightweight and easy to pack. A washable carrying case also lets you throw everything into your bag after lunch without making a mess.” says Chen.

We have already incorporated most of the other 9 easy solutions to help combat everyday waste into our lifestyle, and we hope that this article will provide you some guidance if you are just starting out on your journey to living more sustainably.


We also carry a few of the other suggested solution oriented products in our Boutique such as: Glass Travel Cups, Glass Straws, our handmade signature BOHO Beeswax Wax Wrap made in Kingston, Ontario and many other great plastic alternatives to consider.


glass strawsChatelaine Magazine was first published in March of 1928, and has been supplying Canadian women content covering food, home decor, health and relationships, politics and fashion for 90 years.