Easy Solutions For Single Use Waste Items

We are consciencous about what products we use in our home and in our office on a daily basis. In a disposable world it is hard not to get upset with how much waste is created by single use products everyday.

Glass Travel Cup Infusion Coffee TeaThe white cup phenomena has gotten out of control as the coffee and tea craze have amplified exponentially while people are rushing to and from their destinations. Do you actually save time by having to find parking, wait in line, or go off course to get your “quick” coffee on the go? Not likely. A simple solution is to make your own and bring it to go. Allow yourself an extra few minutes to take some deep breaths will your tea steeps before setting off, or pack a reusable cup for your daily fix.

Wheat Straw Boho Bento BoxTakeout containers are another area that create ridiculous amounts of consumer waste. Packaging has come a long way since the styrofoam era, but the energy and resources still required to create these single use containers, ship them, use them, and recycle them is crazy. I know people are busy and don’t always have time to make or pack lunches. We are two professionals raising a family too, we get it. But, with some conditioning it is easy to throw a reusable container and bamboo cutlery set into your purse, or to leave at the office, or in your vehicle for those days where eating on the run is your only option.

glass straws canadaIt is estimated that there are one billion non-recyclable plastic straws in use globally everyday. You read that right. 1 billion. Now imagine what that looks like in oceans and landfill sites. Gross right? Again, with a simple shift in consumer behaviour we can have a huge impact on our personal carbon footprint, while contributing to a more sustainable place for generations to come. There are many straw alternatives out there that are easy to carry with you. Glass cocktail straws, glass smoothie straws, metal straws and bamboo straws to name a few. If we all carry the mindset that “it’s just one straw” the sea of waste will continue to tax our eco systems.

bamboo cutleryI could go on and on about many other everyday single use waste products that are failing our sustainability but I will end here. I leave you with the challenge to consciously consider your own consumer behaviour in your home, in the workplace, and in your busy lifestyle.

At BOHO & HOBO we are solution oriented and want to help make your transition into a greener lifestyle easy. The products we carry or make in our eco boutique are all ones that we have incorporated into our lives. It feels good to save money and to play a small part in reducing single use products and the impact they have on our earth.

A few of our products include, beeswax wraps, wool dryer balls, reusable cotton produce bags and bulk food bags, glass travel cups, wheat straw bento lunch boxes, bamboo cutlery sets and many other products. Visit the eco boutique.