29 Jul, 2018

FEATURED: Eco-Friendly Canadian Companies

29 Jul, 2018

We are happy to share with our readers a feature written by Megan, of Hen Family who has added BOHO & HOBO to her ‘The Best Eco-Friendly Products’ in Canada list for our signature Beeswax Wraps. Beeswax Wrap is a reusable, washable alternative to using plastic cling wrap.

HEN Family is an online resource for healthy, eco-friendly and natural living, to help families embrace a greener lifestyle. You can find everything from tips on choosing the healthiest options and products for babies and kids, to everyday sustainable living, nutritious eats, and DIY projects and crafts.

We are always very grateful when we are recognized and featured by individuals, magazines and online resources for our work towards sustainable living made easy. We truly value every referral, ‘like’ on our social media posts,  link shares, and every purchase made by customers who are working towards green living.

Check out the article here. Also, you could win everything in the picture above as she will be doing a giveaway for all the awesome goodies featured in her article.

Eco-Friendly Canadian Companies Part II