Globe 2020

BOHO & HOBO Go To Globe 2020 In Vancouver, BC

We are thrilled to be attending Globe 2020 in just a few short weeks in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Globe 2020 is the largest sustainable business summit in North America – connecting industry leaders and cutting-edge technology together with a focus on impact, action, and outcomes.

With delegates from over 55 countries, BOHO & HOBO will be developing insights and awareness through educational workshops and learning from speakers and innovators who are leaders in their fields. Thought leaders from the public and private sectors will challenge and inspire us across five key themes: Climate Crisis, Sustainability as Strategy, Energy Transformation, Circular Economy, and Mobilizing Capital.

BOHO & HOBO look forward to spending four days immersed with like-minded people who are on parallel missions to help make our planet a more sustainable place to live. Knowledge is power, and together we can make a difference. As ‘AGENTS FOR CHANGE’, we will always strive to grow in meaningful ways.

If anyone is attending the GLOBE 2020 business summit hosted by Globe Series and would like to connect in person, you will find us at the Globe Exchange and Globe Forum, the Women’s Lunch, Globe Advance – Turning Social Purpose Dialogue and Vision into Action and at Globe After Dark. Contact us ahead of time and introduce yourself.

Globe 2020 Vancouver BC


Eco-Stores, Eco-Friendly Shops, & Retailers In Vancouver

Are you a conscientious shopper with a commitment to reducing your personal carbon footprint through mindful living and sustainability? We want to know where your favourite shops are in the Vancouver area and why? Contact us and let us know where you might like to see BOHO & HOBO’s sustainable eco-friendly products available in your area.

Are you a retailer in the Vancouver area with a dedication to offering environmentally-friendly and zero-waste living products and brands to your customers? If so, we want to connect with you because we are getting a lot of inquiries as to where our online shoppers can buy in the Vancouver and surrounding areas. We offer a great wholesale program.

Contact us through our Wholesale Page for more information, or to schedule a meeting while we are in the area between February 10 – 14th, 2020.