How to handle Canadian winters like a boss!

reusable hand warmersToday it is -16 celsius and it “feels like” -22 here in Kingston, Ontario. When it is too cold for the dog to head outside, and yesterday’s snowfall has turned to squeaky snow ( a tell tale sound of frigid temperatures ), it is time to pull out  the Hobo Hand Warmers before stepping foot into the great Canadian outdoors.

reusable hand warmersOne would benefit by heating these reusable rice filled hand warmers in the microwave or oven, and tucking them into their coat pockets before heading out.  At -22 human  hands have their work cut out while trying to function under such conditions.

For people keen enough to train, play, and handle these arctic conditions for the sheer enjoyment of skiing, skating, tobogganing etc, the Hobo Hand Warmers  will  help your hands remain toasty warm much longer, and offer you a little more staying power to keep on keeping on .

Personally, I always like warm hands so these are a perfect eco-alternative to single use packets that end up in the landfill. Heat…Stay Warm…Repeat!

Limited quantities.

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