Let’s Celebrate – With A Gift To You!

It’s BOHO & HOBO’s First Birthday, Waste Reduction Week, and Small Business Week!

Birthday Celebration

We have a lot to celebrate this week and we want to include you in all the excitement. It was one year ago today that we launched our first product, our handmade signature BOHO Beeswax Wraps. It is hard to believe how we have grown and evolved our business in just one year. We are exceptionally grateful to all of our customers, friends and family who have supported us on our mission to help eliminate single use plastics. Without conscious consumers such as yourselves, we wouldn’t be able to continue to grow and expand our product line and extend our reach across Canada. We hope that you will continue to spread the word about BOHO & HOBO so that more people can access our quality line of products online, and in retail stores near you.

As a thank you for your support in using sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives, we are offering a free gift with every online purchase over $25 for the remainder of October. SHOP NOW!

We have some exciting things in the works for 2019, but that news will have to wait for now.

Waste Reduction Week Oct 15-21st

This week is about celebrating all of the environmental efforts and achievements over the past year, while encouraging innovative ideas and solutions to foster a more sustainable earth. Let’s empower the people around us to make eco friendly choices and challenge them to consider the impact that their everyday products have on the environment. Start the conversation.

How we live directly affects; climate change, water and air pollution, and we can choose to preserve our natural resources by making educated buying and consumption choices. It is our responsibility to do our part, share our knowledge, and lead by example. The time is now! Visit the Waste Reduction Week In Canada website for some great information on what your next steps could be.

Small Business Week

For almost 40 year the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC ) has been celebrating Canadian entrepreneurship. Small and medium sized businesses make up 99.7% of Canadian businesses. This year’s theme is digitalizing your business. We are excited to be a progressive small business that is dedicated to sustainability with a great digital presence. We recognize the importance of supporting other small local businesses in order to promote a healthy local economy.

We would like to challenge you to try and do all of your holiday shopping this year through small businesses, artisans and makers in your own communities. The money generated for these small businesses typically stay in your community. Your purchases help pay for; dance lessons, dentist appointments, birthday parties, gym memberships and so much more. It helps real people thrive.

Let’s celebrate our freedom to make earth conscious choices, that support small business and waste reduction.