New Year Resolution?

We often have great expectations of ourselves as we embrace the new year with renewed hopes of accomplishing all the things we didn’t get to in the previous year. We create a new list of aspirations often without an action plan in place to help aid us in the success of fulfilling these well intentioned goals.

If you have resolved to relax more in 2018 and take some more time for yourself, this is a great first step. We are all over worked, over planned and over scheduled at different times throughout the year, often leaving ourselves depleted of time, energy, and enthusiasm for self nurturing and restorative relaxation.

We want to help put your 2018 relaxation plan into action by offering our customers these handmade restorative, relaxing, and calming Zen Hobo Eye Pillows.

By spending just a few minutes a day laying down, blocking out light and distraction, and allowing the weight of the pillow to target acupressure points around your eyes, you can achieve a deeper relaxation in a shorter period of time, allowing maximum benefits for the few moments you decide are yours for the taking. The pillows are also a great compliment to savasana during yoga practice, and the essential oil disc allows you to add an oil of your choice to infuse your pillow with. If you suffer from tension headaches these will work wonders at the end of a long day.