Zen Eye Pillows


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Block out light and deepen your relaxation as the weight of the eye pillow targets restorative acupressure points around the eyes helping to reduce tension, calm the mind, and heighten your zen. These are the best eye pillows for yoga, meditation and headache relief.



Zen Eye Pillows

Slip into a deep relaxation while blocking out light and visual distractions. The weight of these flax seed eye pillows have been designed to add restorative acupressure to the eye area while helping to calm and rest a busy mind.

Heighten your zen by adding your favourite aromatherapy essential oil to the eye pillow’s wool wrapped wood infusion disc. These are the best eye pillows for savasana during yoga, great for creating darkness while meditating, and ideal for reducing tension headaches.


  • Handmade locally.
  • 100% cotton, removable and washable coverlet.
  • Filled with flax seed for great positioning.
  • Essential oils disc included to infuse with your favourite aromatherapy blends.
  • Freeze bag for cooling relief on tired eyes. Not intended for microwave.

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