07 Aug, 2018

Queen’s University – Society for Conservation Biology

07 Aug, 2018

Glass & Stainless StrawsBack To School – The Zero Waste Generation

There is great momentum building with this generation of young adults taking an active interest in sustainability. Coming into a time when, as a society we are further recognizing the harmful effects that our previous generations have had on the environment, these wise young people are stepping up and becoming the positive change makers we so desperately need.

Students at Queen’s University are actively working to raise the accountability bar within the campus of Queen’s with their recently launched petition, ‘A Plastic-Free Queen’s Campus’  asking the university to transition into a plastic-free campus.


For far too long we have been living as disposable generations, where single use plastics, mass packaging, and fast fashion have been so widely accepted that we haven’t collectively taken accountability for it because it’s just been considered the “norm” for decades.  YUK!

Time is up! We are waking up, speaking up, stepping up and cleaning up this terrible mess we have made of our precious natural resources. One conscious decision at a time has a mass cumulative effect in how much we contribute each year to landfills, how manufacturing impacts CO2 emissions, and how alternative power sources have the ability to adjust our overall taxation of our earth’s resources.

Take a moment to show your support and sign their petition. Share it among your peer networks, and let’s get Queen’s to lead by example and have other institutions follow suit.

zero waste starter kitFor students looking to live more sustainably on campus this year, we carry a zero waste starter package called THE CAMPUS KIT. It contains eco-friendly products ( many made locally ) that cover all the basics from food storage, meals on the go, and shopping for produce and bulk foods to laundry savings, cleaning supplies, and reusable coffee and tea cups. We firmly believe that having the tools to reduce waste is a great first step towards sustainability.  Visit the online Boutique for details and to purchase a kit here: