Sustainability Practices

At BOHO & HOBO, we practice what we preach and try to be as sustainable as possible in all of our business endeavours. To help reduce our carbon footprint, we use cloth and twine for our “packaging” that can be repurposed as gift wrap or for other innovative purposes. 

We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to eliminate unnecessary plastics and excessive shipping materials. For materials that are unavoidable when we have received a shipment, we ‘gift’  them to other local makers, artisans and small businesses to be reused or repurposed over recycling them. Our billing and receipt systems are all done electronically, so no excess paper is used in our day-to-day book-keeping. 

We strive to deliver high-quality products that are not only eco-friendly and great to use, but that are environmentally conscious as much as possible. We even ship our wholesale orders in boxes that we save from our everyday living. So if your order shows up in a granola box, chances are it’s from BOHO & HOBO.