31 Dec, 2020

Welcoming 2021

BOHO & HOBO Copper Water Bottle
31 Dec, 2020

Happy New Year

We wish you a happy new year. We look forward to growing together, fighting for environmentally considerate solutions, and being “Agents For Change” during these unchartered times. Best of luck to our community and all of our friends and supporters in 2021!

Save in January With Promo Code ECO2021

We’ve decided to have a sale for the entire month of January to encourage you to stay on your sustainability and wellness path. All online orders through https://www.bohoandhobo.ca/shop/ will be eligible for a discount with our promo code. Save 15% off for the month of January using code: ECO2021

Top Products of 2021 to Kick Start Your New Years Resolutions

Whether it’s health and fitness goals, better financial planning, or a zero waste lifestyle you are striving for in 2021, we know the key to success is to start by setting realistic and manageable goals and we can help. Our sustainable environmentally friendly products can help you stay on track this year with a few easy steps.

GOAL: Drink More Water

BOHO & HOBO Copper Water Bottle
HOW: Keep your 1 litre BOHO & HOBO Copper Water Bottle full to stay hydrated while receiving the added health benefits of storing water in copper.


GOAL: Eat Healthier

Silicone Freezer Bags
HOW: Meal planning, batch cooking and storing healthy foods in BOHO & HOBO Silicone Freezer Bags make nutritious meals on the fly easy. Simply take out a stew, sauce or soup, heat and serve.


GOAL: Save Money

Bento Box by BOHO & HOBO

HOW: Reducing food waste will save money throughout the year. Storing your leftovers and bringing your lunch to go in one of the BOHO & HOBO Wheatstraw Bento Boxes will help prevent meals out from derailing your goal. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


GOAL: Reduce Waste

Eco-Friendly Make-Up Remover Pads
HOW: Swap out single use disposable items for reusable alternatives. Try the BOHO & HOBO Eco Make-Up Pads for environmentally friendly daily skin care, switch your plastic toothbrush over to a Bamboo Toothbrush, and bring a set of Bamboo Cutlery in your bag for meals on the go.


GOAL: Meditate

Handmade Eye Pillow - Fuscia
HOW: Slowing down can be challenging but with a BOHO & HOBO Zen Eye Pillow you will look forward to quiet time to set your intentions for the day or to unwind in the evenings. Add your favourite essential oil for increased benefit.


Get Started

We wish you luck on your journey this year. Check out these eco-friendly products and more in our online eco-store or visit a BOHO & HOBO retailer near you.